Carville Blues Band - solo artist,singer ,songwriter ,blues guitar player

  I Carville , aka Randy Carville ,started out as a Country Artist. I was named #1  Canadian Country Artist by  Canadian "Country Music News Magazine In 2002. Recently In the last several years , I decided that Blues  Music was my new  passion. I have released Two Country cds, and  they would be of interest to folks who like Traditional Country Music. Those cds Sound Like Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, etc.  , Save for one Nf Traditional song on cd titled "Proud Newfoundlander," a song about how proud I am of being a NEWFOUNDLANDER and of my fellow NEWFOUNDLANDERS, after the terrible attack in the "USA "on "911" and how my fellow NFLDers welcomed folks in their homes from all over the world that were stranded while the planes were grounded  all over USA. Now my new interest and recordings are Blues Rock, and would more be suitable to fans who like BB King, Eric Clapton , Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa  etc.   You can still purchase my country cds from cd baby, but my live shows will  feature my new "Blues" performances. My first  single release is titled "I don't want to lose you". A beautiful slow Blues Rock song. I reside in London Ontario. I am Married to My beautiful wife Lorraine For 33 yrs. I am 61 years young!! I still have a passion for life and music and am grateful to be still healthy and able to share my creativity with the world  Thank you for the opportunity!!!  Products cds etc, may be purchased from cdbaby. Just Click it!!!